15th Annual Event Sponsors

Thank you to our generous Sponsors!

Event & Sunshine Sponsor:

Because you can’t Bloom without Sunshine!

Healthy Soil Sponsors:

Healthy Earth to Provide Nutrients!

Cass & Marge Casmir

Plant Food Sponsors: Feeding our Plants so they Grow BIG & STRONG!

Rob & Cathy Neal, Board Member

Mark Rexroth, Volunteer & Board Member 2016-2017

R.B Annis Educational Foundation

Sunrise Optimist Club

North UMC

Seed Sponsors:

Starting our Garden with Tiny Seeds!

Carolyn & John Kanouse, Board Members

Tina McAninch, Board Member

Chris Beaman & Jeremy Sheetz

Stratus Building Solutions of Indiana

Joe & Becky Norman

Joyce Hertko & Jeff Miller

Nurturing Attention, Love & More Sponsors

Sara Beanblossom, Board Member

Jean & Sam Hill

Jessica & Tim Haynes

Holly Hardsaw

Beth Riedeman

Peter Schauland, Board Member 2009-2014

Lauren Wendling

John Witting

Angie Baker

Larissa Muellner

Dorothy Mack

Joe & Becky Norman

April Grisham

Amy Palmer

Hours M-F: 7:00AM-5:30PM
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