Our Programs

Early Learning Childcare Center

Childcare for infants and children ages 6 weeks to five years old. The center is open from 7:30am to 5pm, Monday through Friday all year except for Holidays.  East Tenth United Methodist Children & Youth Center is a Registered Ministry that provides quality childcare, educational activities, nutritious meals, inter-generational activities, and a chance to learn and grow in a safe environment to all children regardless of their families ability to pay market rates.

Summer Days for Youth

An eight week all day summer camp, which focuses on academic enrichment, computer classes, art camps with Indianapolis Art Center, recreational activities, and educational field trips.  Our number one goal for the summer is personal development.  The Program begins at 7:30am with breakfast and ends at 5pm.  This past summer we provided safe summer fun to 106 children and youth.

After School

After care for school-age youth.  The Center currently serves children from IPS 54 and Thomas Gregg Neighborhood School. The Center provides transportation from school for IPS 54 and Thomas Gregg Neighborhood School.  Children are picked up after school and  brought back to the Center until we close at 5pm.  The After School Program is open during school breaks, except for Holidays.  Our After School Program focuses on tutoring, homework sessions, recreational activities, service opportunities to help our youth become successful, well-rounded students.

Preschool at Thomas Gregg Neighborhood School

Hours M-F: 7:00AM-5:30PM
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