Meet the Staff


Executive Director- Ms. Jean Casmir-Hill

Ms. Jean started our center 23 years ago and has been working tirelessly to provide a loving, affordable, and exciting place for us to work, learn, and play! She has a big heart and is always looking for ways to do more for the children and families at East Tenth.

Center Director- Ms. Emily

Ms. Emily wears many hats as the captain of our ship! She can often be found in a classroom, driving a bus, or greeting families at the door. Her loving arms are always open for the staff and families of East Tenth!

Education Coordinator- Ms. Ellie

Ms. Ellie is the organizer and problem solver at our center. She is an integral part of our team, a wonderful coach, and constantly has a smile on her face!

School-Age Coordinator- Ms. Julie

Ms. Julie is a kind, caring, and creative administrator. She guides all of her loving interactions with the Conscious Discipline skills she has picked up over her 3 years with our center. She had worked hard to provide a space for our school-agers that they enjoy!

Great Families Coordinator- Ms. Jess

Ms. Jess is a member of our admin team bringing 10 years of Family Engagement experience with her. She is always looking for ways to improve East Tenth and loves being able to help the families and staff in whatever way she can.

Community Connector- Mr. Alvaro

Mr. Alvaro comes to us from the John Boner Neighborhood Centers as a liaison for our families to get connected to resources. He is takes his time to listen to the needs of our families and does everything he can to make sure they have what they need to be successful! He is often found chasing the kids on the playground.

Infant & Toddler Teachers

Infant Room 4- Ms. Leslie & Ms. Shonta

The creativity and playfulness in this Infant room is unmatched! Ms. Shonta and Ms. Leslie have a routine and they stick to it to provide a safe and nurturing environment for their infants. The friendship they have formed over the year is seen through their genuine care for eachother!

Infant Room 1- Ms. Shirley

Ms. Shirley is one of our veteran teachers having been with East Tenth for 13 years! You often hear her singing songs and I Love You Rituals to the babies!

Infant POD Teacher- Ms. Tosha

Ms. Tosha spends two days in each of our infant rooms each week. She loves all the babies and is excited to be a part of both rooms. Ms. Tosha has a kind heart and is always willing to help out where she is needed.

One’s Room- Ms. Maggie & Ms. Brianna

Ms. Maggie is an energetic, creative teacher that is eager to learn, volunteering for as many new trainings as she can. Brianna is new to our school family and is very compassionate and caring with the little ones. Their children can be heard laughing and singing all the way down the hall!

Two’s Room- Ms. Alichia & Ms. Grace

“Ms. SheSha” as she is so lovingly referred to by our school family is a Conscious Discipline champion and Ms. Grace has stepped right into the hussle of the classroom with excitement and creativity! The Two’s Room is a model for our center because of the love and dedication they have poured into it!

Multi-Age Room- Ms. Jocelyn & Ms. Camille

Floater- Ms. Jen

Ms. Jen has been with our center for 6 years as an Infant and Toddler teacher. She has a pair of leggings for each holiday and loves celebrating special days with our school family!

Multi-Age/Pre-K 8 POD Teacher- Ms Iris

Ms. Iris has been with East Tenth since 2003 and has worn many hats. She currently serves as our POD teacher splitting her days between the Multi-Age toddler room and the Pre-K 8 room. Everyday her beautiful voice is heard singing spanish lullabies to our littles.

Preschool & Pre K

Preschool Room 7- Ms. Emily

This is the newest duo at the center! Emily previously worked in the Two’s room but wanted to venture up to the “big kids” room in March 2019. She is great at building connections and showing her love for the children!

Pre-K Room 8- Ms. Ana

This room was added to our school at the beginning of 2019 when we reconfigured our preschool program. All children in this room will be entering Kindergarten new school year. Ms. Ana builds strong lesson plans and focus on critical thinking and problem solving to get these little ones ready for their next adventure!

Preschool at Thomas Gregg

Thomas Gregg Room 1- Ms. Aviana & Ms. Jessica

Ms. Aviana is a veteran preschool teacher. She started with us as a teacher at East Tenth and transitioned to the the new preschool at Thomas Gregg in 2017. She was joined by Ms. Jessica in late 2018. Together they have created an environment full of curiosity and kindness. Evidence of learning is plastered all over the walls of their room as well as in the progress of the children.

Thomas Gregg 2- Ms.Victoria & Ms. Natalie

Ms. Victoria is a very kind hearted and intentional teacher. She is always looking for ways to celebrate the diversity of her students and is constantly introducing new and exciting ways of learning.

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