Ode to Indicoso by Osiel

I got to go to three camps this year!  The camps that I attended were East Tenth United Methodist Children and Youth Center, Camp Waycross, and Camp Indicoso. Those three camps were amazing to me! Its been great going to East Tenth because we do a lot of fun stuff like going swimming and going on awesome field trips like the movies and going to Kentucky and Chicago!!!!!!  The other awesome thing that East Tenth has done for me is to give me an opportunity to go to Camp Waycross and Camp Indicoso.  Being at Waycross meant a lot to me.That is because I got to do a lot of fun stuff like going hiking and going on a overnight. This is going into the woods and sleeping there! We also climbed a rock wall which is really tall!  I also thank East Tenth for giving me another opportunity to go to Camp Indicoso.  I love Camp Indicoso so much because it led me closer to God.  At Camp Indicoso we also played a game called “gaga.”

Osiel playing "Ga-Ga"
Osiel playing “Ga-Ga”

That game was so much fun!!!! I got hurt playing the game but it was worth it.  We also got on a giant swing. Now that was scary! First, you will go up to 50 ft, then they give you a signal which meant you were going to let go of a rope, and you will swing!!!  I also met a lot of good people that I enjoyed hanging out with.  So again, I thank East Tenth for giving me an opportunity to attend these three amazing camps. Now that was my summer.

Hours M-F: 7:00AM-5:30PM
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