My Summer Vacation – by Rebecca

I love summer vacation here at East 10th! :p  I love my teachers: Mr.Albert and Mrs. Aerionna.  My favorite part about this camp is 1 hour of reading time everyday and math tests every now and then.  My other favorite part is when we go swimming on Tuesdays & Thursdays.  All of the 1st floor students are cute, including Stevie who is one of the teacher’s daughter.  All of the 2nd floor students are cute as well, including my 2 sisters Delia and Margeret.  Delia is in pre-school, Margeret is in kindergarten, and I’m in 3rd grade.  I also love East 10th because we have field trips on Fridays.  I love Read-Up and Lexia.  They are both hosted by Ms.Morgan, who goes to Butler University.  I also love the Library because it is nice and quiet and it has a lot of things about God and the Holy Bible, and it is also the place for………..READ-UP!!!!! :D!  And the people that work here are amazingly AWESOME!!!  I love this church/school/daycare.  But my real favorite thing about this place is that they take care of kids when their parents have to work.  And that is why I love having summer vacation here!

Rebecca doing what she loves!
Rebecca doing what she loves!

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