Brackets for Good

Brackets for Good is an Indianapolis-based nonprofit organization that organizes and hosts online fundraising tournaments for other nonprofits.

Brackets For Good is an Indianapolis-based non-profit organization that helps communities across the nation connect with non-profits in their own neighborhood. The first competitive fundraising tournament took place in Indianapolis in 2012, with 8 local organizations raising $32,000. In 2017, twelve simultaneous tournaments across the country raised $3,600,000 for 681 participating nonprofits.

Our challenge is to rally donors to out-fundraise our opponent(s). These online donations translate into “points,” and the organization with the most points advances in a bracket-style tournament. The organization that advances all the way to the end wins a grand prize donation. The best part is that we get to keep donations received during the tournament, regardless of how many rounds we advance. Everybody wins!

Round #1 of the tournament started on Friday, March 2nd, and our first rival is The Villages of Indiana.

Your donations to East Tenth score points that help us advance in this single elimination bracket-style fundraising tournament will get us closer to the $10,000 championship grant.

view-current-matchYour donations and the championship grant will go a long way to help us drive our mission forward. We need you on our team. We’ll provide more updates as the tournament progresses, but if you’re not ready to join the team yet, here are some quick ways you can start warming up.

Learn how Brackets For Good works by watching this 83 second video.

Follow us on our social channels so you can get real-time updates throughout the tournament.

Thank you so much, in advance, for your support.

High Five!

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