IAEYC Reflection: Patrick Mullins

Hey everyone! I wanted to let you know a bit about what why you didn’t see us this past Friday, April 10th. Every year, our staff takes time to attend this conference for personal development as well as to swap ideas with other early learning professionals. This year was the largest conference yet and we all gained so much from it. However, most people don’t know what it is, so we decided this was the year to change that.

First of all, IAEYC is an acronym for the Indiana Association for the Education of Young Children. They are an organization who promotes policy change and research in the area of the education of young children. Still not sold on them? Mr. Mike now works for them, so you know they’re pretty cool. Every year they hold this three day conference which you hopefully saw bits and pieces of on Facebook already. What I, and other staff after me, will be doing is writing about one thing that we took away from this conference to help your children become better learners and members of the East Tenth community.

With that being said, I want to let you know what I found out and how it will help make the center a better place. One of the sessions I attended shared some great statistics on how times is used in the average preschool classroom. It was alarming to see just how much time is available for one on one and small group interactions! After sharing this with some of the staff, I’ve already seen this knowledge being put to use. That is a testament to both the great staff and what a little bit of information can do. Much more was learned to help out behind the scenes, but I hope everyone can see what a difference this conference makes for us!

-Mr. Pat

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