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Greetings friend and colleagues, it is with great pleasure that we get to announce the beginning of a brand new venture here at the youth center. In one of our out of school classrooms, they have set up their own town. And in order to keep everyone informed, four students have stepped up to write a weekly story. Here are our four news reporters, in their own words!



Hi, my name is Camile. I am going to be doing the newspaper. I want to do the newspaper because I really like to write. Sign your kids up and come to East Tenth United Methodist Children Youth Center or Little Dove Daycare.

Sincerely: Camile



Hi my name is A’yiana. I want to be the news people because you will love us and it will be a pleasure to do it. I’m just a little kid. Many people vote for me. And they tell you I’m little and adorable.



My name is Kamyah and I am 8 and I live in a house with my mom and sisters and I am happy to be in the newspaper. So this is my life.



It will be good. You will love it. It will be the best. I love my news reports and you will too. I am beautiful, I love to respect the news and I am a good girl to the news person. I will do good at the news.

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