Winter Break Fun

We know a number of people are going to be making New Year’s Resolutions tonight and tomorrow. A majority will be some variation of making healthier choices. Well we’re all about helping our children learn to make healthy choices here at East Tenth! For the past two weeks, we have had our school age students all day to learn with us. Since the weather has finally decided to cool down – we see you 70 degree Christmas – we have been forced back inside for most of the day. However, our students don’t see this as an obstacle, but an opportunity. This brings us to our healthy choices…



When we’re inside for recess, two favorite activities are Steal the Jewels and hockey! Everyone got involved in yesterday’s games and today, a group of dedicated students played almost an hour and a half of hockey in our Fellowship Hall in the name of fitness and fun. Five of our older students decided to challenge Mr. Pat and Mr. Robert. By the end, everyone was smiling and sweaty! We wish everyone a happy and healthy New Year!!!


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